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Much of what you think and feel, and how you act with money is unconscious, meaning that quite often we're simply not even aware of how we’re showing up with money.

Without awareness of your programming around money, you are powerless to transform your relationship with it. How can you clear blocks that you're not conscious of?
How can you identify limiting beliefs or programming if you don't know what they are?

Take the quiz to uncover your money archetype and better understand your patterns and behaviors with money.


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If you are looking to create a healthy relationship with money that supports you in wealth and wellbeing, there are a number of ways we can work together.

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Find Your FINANCIAL Flow

When life is in flow, you’re happy, free and working towards something you truly value. The same can happen with your finances.

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Money Resources

How do you define success? What do you truly value? Is your spending intentional and in alignment with what you truly value?

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My way forward gets clearer each time I talk to Lea and my understanding of my past helps me plan/change my future.
I think of Lea every time I take a step forward, to where I want to be. Lea has changed my life!
— Diana

Meet Lea Schodel

One to do things differently.

Freedom seeker - global nomad + traveller, having lived in NZ, Australia, Japan, UK and now US. And a particular passion for and resonance with Bali and India.

Yoga teacher, mindfulness practitioner, wellness coach, creative entrepreneur, professional speaker and writer, former award winning Financial Adviser, and now Certified Money Coach (CMC).


Your JOURNEY TO Abundance

Align your thoughts, feelings and actions
to create wealth & abundance.

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