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Lea Bali

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There are a number of ways we can work together.

Work with me via Private Coaching (1:1 online)

Attend your own Deep Dive / Personalised Retreat in Australia, US, Bali, India or Mexico

Attend a Global Workshop or Event

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Participate in my online course and review my free resources

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To manage Money Well, we need to manage ourselves well. This means we need to become mindful and intentional of our thoughts, feelings and actions with money and bring them into alignment with the life we wish to Live.

mindful wealth

a conscious, purposeful and meaningful relationship with money


It is a head + heart approach to money practices that are centered around the concepts of alignment and balance.

With a solid foundation, you can take intentional action and practice mindfulness as you work towards your personal vision and goals for wealth and well-being.

The Power of Awareness.PNG

Much of what you think and feel, and how you act with money is unconscious, meaning that quite often we're simply not even aware of how we’re showing up with money.

Without awareness of your programming around money, you are powerless to transform your relationship with it. But with awareness comes power! My work is centred around helping you discover your strengths and limitations in your relationship with money, and then support you to take action towards a more empowered relationship with money.


Personal Services


One on One Coaching

Tailored 1:1 coaching and support on your personal journey to mindful wealth.

Our sessions combine 2 elements, mindset and practical activities (head + heart / left + right brain) to help you shift money beliefs, emotions, and create healthier habits and behaviours.

We will also be working towards envisioning and creating a new and purposeful connection to money, a plan for the future use of money in your life and a strategy for using it with more control, clarity and ease and in alignment with your values.

Location: Online

Session Packages:

1 month awareness blueprint program (4 x 1 hr sessions) $550

3 month transformational program ( 8 x 1 hr sessions) $1,100

Personal Retreats

For those committed to the deep dive of transformation + healing and personal growth.

A personalised mindful wealth retreat and 1:1 supportive journey.

This is ONLY for those who seriously want to shift their relationship with money - it’s an intensive program held in a nourishing and supportive environment supporting awareness, release, self-care and well-being. Dedicated time out, yoga, meditation, cacao ceremonies, journalling, rituals, exploration through creativity and art, releasing limiting beliefs and habits, and creating a new plan, structure and mindset to feel more grounded and empowered with money.


Australia, Bali, India, Mexico, New Zealand,

USA + Canada



I am so grateful to have the opportunity to get to know and work with Lea. The depth of her knowledge combined with her smooth attitude make it feel like everything is manageable, and anything is possible—in all the best ways! Thank you, Lea!!
— Philipa
My way forward gets clearer each time I talk to Lea and my understanding of my past helps me plan/change my future. I think of Lea every time I take a step forward, to where I want to be.
Lea has changed my life!
— Diana
Lea helped me explore my relationship with money, my assumptions about believing that I wasn’t good with money despite evidence to the contrary and to make a plan that would have my money working with me.
I have fearlessly approached the bank, negotiated a car for work and got savings in the bank.
— Anna



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Lea spoke so beautifully, she has such an important message to share with everyone! Her essence made the room captivated and she not only shared her teachings but also her personality. Her talk was more than insightful, I personally took many things away from it.

I highly recommend Lea for any future speaking arrangements, in fact I would have her back in no time.
— Alana
I instantly connected with Lea’s humble yet powerful and unique approach to work with money when we had met. Her passion for this topic and commitment to empowering both men and women to look at their finances in a very holistic way makes her an incredible speaker in a space that for too long has been dictated by numbers and analysis. She takes those dry but essential elements and adds multiple layers that will see your audience come alive with understanding, interest and many “ah ha” moments
— Induwa