Yoganomics: The practice of finding flow with your finances.
— Lea Schodel
In order to manage money well, we must manage ourselves well. We must become aware of and mindfully manage our thoughts, emotions and actions, so that what we think, how we feel and what we do are in alignment with wealth and abundance.
— Lea Schodel
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Much of what you think and feel, and how you act with money is unconscious, meaning that quite often we're simply not even aware of how we’re showing up with money.

Without awareness of your programming around money, you are powerless to transform your relationship with it. But with awareness comes power!

Take the quiz to uncover your money archetype and better understand your patterns and behaviors with money.We cannot change what we are not aware of.

Wellbeing has many individual elements: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual, Social, Spiritual, Environmental, and Financial.

We cannot have a wealthy and fulfilling life without paying attention to each of these areas. A very important, yet often forgotten component of your wellness is our relationship to money.

If you can learn to relate to and use money as a tool to create wealth and wellbeing in your life.

It’s time to redefine WEALTH.

Wealth is more than money. Money is an element of wealth sure, but you need much more than it to live or experience a wealthy life.

What if you could use money to create a wealthy life? I decided to rearrange the individual elements of wellbeing into an acronym for WEALTH. Under this definition in order to be truly wealth it requires:

Work / sense of purpose / financial stability 

Environment / safe and comfortable 

Alignment / beliefs, values and connection to something higher
Love + Community / Affection and Belonging

Time + Freedom / to explore and create our passions

Health + Wellbeing / vitality and energy

The beauty of this definition is that it doesn’t necessarily matter how much money you have, or income you earn, as it can be achieved by anyone who has the right focus and intention.

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There is no such thing as money decisions, they are life decisions
— Lea Schodel

Hello, I’m Lea

And I’m on a mission to create a mindful wealth revolution.



Because money is a leading cause of stress, and it impacts our health, wealth and happiness.

I am a Master Certified Behavioral Money Coach (CMC)®, Certified Wellness Coach, 200HR Certified Yoga Teacher, Permaculture Design Consultant with 20 years experience in personal finance. All of these elements to me are perfect combination of left-brain and right-brain goodness and just like yin and yang, it gives me a pretty balanced outlook on life.

I incorporate the principles of mindfulness, positive psychology, wellbeing, yogic philosophy, sustainability and personal finance to help create flow when it comes to life, purpose and money.

I teach the concept of mindful money and Yoganomics at workshops, conferences and retreats around the globe. I have had the pleasure of sharing my message with thousands of individuals and have personally coached hundreds of people one on one. My work is my passion and my message is my mission.


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Lea’s perspective on financial flow is one of the most innovative and refreshing I have ever heard” - Leah H

“I really love Lea’s teaching method. It has already had a BIG impact on the way I think about money and wealth and changing my mindset and spending behavior” - Alison C

“I just wanted to say that what you are doing is very encouraging. You have inspired me to be part of a community doing great things for people in need” - Gladys

“Lea spoke so beautifully, she has such an important message to share with everyone. Her essence made the room captivated as she share her teachings and her personality. Her talk was more than insightful” - Alana Aravntis

“Lea makes financial education meaningful and accessible. She balances left brain logic with right brain creativity to provide a more complete understanding of money” - Connie Allen

“I am so grateful to Lea for the incredible work she does to help people around the world, young and old, rich and poor of every race and religion to own their relationship with money, to live financial freedom and know their worth” - Sarah Jensen

“Lea, thanks for your insights, yet again. My way forward gets clearer each time I talk to you and my understanding of my past helps me plan/change my future” - Diana

“Thank you Lea for bringing your grounded calm energy and for sharing vulnerably and openly with the room. Your limitless knowledge and expertise around money mindset is so empowering and I’m grateful you were able to share this with my tribe” - Christine C.

“Today, Lea you fired my hope, passion and desire to make the last part of my working lief, the best part” - Yvonne

“Thank you for the wisdom you share in your presentations Lea, it really changed the whole way I think about money and reminded me of the wealth I already have in my life” - Danielle.






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