Hi! This is a short questionnaire designed to give us an insight into you and your money situation.

We’d love it if you could have a go at answering it the best you can, but don’t worry, there are no right or wrong answers here!

My name is:
My Date of Birth is:
I am:
My home address is:
My postal address is:
My Phone Number is:
My email is:

My children’s names and dates of birth are:

My job is:
My job:
I am employed by:
I am employed on a:
I Earn : per
I do my banking with:

Assets include personal possessions, home contents, cars and equipment, our home, cash, bank accounts and other investments such as shares, property, superannuation etc.

I own:

Asset Type Owner Value

Debts include our mortgage, car loans, personal loans, credit cards, in-store finance, investment loans, business loans, money owed to others and money borrowed for our education

I owe:

Debt Type Owner Value

20 Questions when it comes to my finances:

N Question True False
1 I have enough knowledge to make sound financial decisions about my future
2 Money causes stress in my life and my relationships
3 I am worried about my current financial situation or my financial future
4 I have enough money to do the things I want to do in life
5 I prioritise or focus more on living in the now than planning for the future
6 I understand my own risk tolerance/comfort zone when it comes to money and investing
7 I have a process for tracking my income and expenses
8 I spend less than I earn each month
9 I can comfortably pay my bills and day to day expenses
10 I can comfortably pay off my credit card and short-term debts each month
11 I regularly save some of my income
12 I have savings or cash buffer in the case of an emergency or unexpected expenses
13 I know how much I need to cover my expenses and meet my living costs
14 If I lost my job, i'd be able to cover my usual expenses without immediately increasing debt
15 I know where all my superannuation is, how it’s invested and how much I’m paying in fees
16 I understand how much personal insurance I need
17 I have life, accident or trauma and income protection insurance
18 I have private health insurance
19 I have comprehensive car + home insurance
20 I have a Will

Great – you’re all done! Thanks for sharing this info with us as it helps us to get a better understanding of where you are now so that we can help you prioritise, plan and take action to get where you want to be in the future! This information is for our use only. We will not share it with anyone else, without your permission.