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Kristen Ottway

"Lea has been an absolute godsend in my life. Since leaving my corporate career in early 2014 to start my passion business, I have not been very responsible with my finances, fearing that if I looked too closely the answer would be 'go back to your job!''.

Lea has helped me get on top of budgeting, superannuation, investments, and see new ways of increasing the flow of money into my business. Now I'm actually getting excited about budgeting and loving have specific targets to work towards!

I can not thank you enough Lea. I look forward to our meetings every month and have honestly been blown away by the value for money you provide with your service."

Kristen Ottaway, SprayFree Farmacy

Connie Allen

"Lea makes financial advice meaningful and accessible. She balances left brain logic with right brain creativity, to provide a more complete understanding of money management.

I loved learning about the true definition of wealth, money personalities and service pricing. Lea also put me onto the idea of using accounting software for my business, which has been an absolute godsend."
Connie AllenWellness Wayfinders


Leah Hynes

"Lea’s perspective on financial flow is one of the most innovative & refreshing I have ever heard.

When we invited her to speak to our group of aspiring entrepreneurs they were feeling stuck and frustrated about making their passions financially viable.

After Lea shared some powerful mindset shifts around money, wealth and pricing, the group of individuals were in back in action again and clear on the path to making their unique difference in the world a reality. There is no greater gift than that!"


Leah HynesThe Connection Effect

Natasha Gilmour

"I would completely LOVE every WOMAN to learn the knowledge in this e-course, and have the opportunity to change their mindset surrounding money. The shifts that have taken place in my life surrounding money, abundance and gratitude over the past two weeks have been beyond profound. They have helped my business, the relationships I have with people around me and emotionally I am now living from a far more authentic positive space, it's been an awakening, empowering and deep experience.”




Natasha Gilmour, Writer, Editor & Coach