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On The Same Page - Couples & Money Workshop

  • Gecko House pin Gecko House, 139 Duringan Street (61.66 mi) Gold Coast, Queensland 4223 (map)

Imagine if you and your partner were on the same page when it comes to money, your goals and vision for the future you want to create. If you could communicate clearly around money and had a clear strategy for managing it in your relationship. 

Learn the skills you need to create the relationship you want!

This couples workshop provides a safe place to talk about money and to explore the issues you face in your relationship with it. Lea and Sharron will create the space, time and tools to re-connect and “get on the same page” when it comes to money. It is for anyone in a relationship and caters to couples who have spent many years together to newlyweds planning a future, it is never too late or too early to get on the "same page".

You will be able to clarify the role that money plays in your lives and plan a future together where money is used as a tool to achieve your shared goals and to create a happy, healthy, connected financially secure future.

This workshop is a "safe" space where interpersonal issues are not shared in a group setting. Your privacy and emotional safety is a priority. All exercises are done with your partner. 

This money + relationships workshop will cover:

o Why your relationship needs to be a top priority – 
"Creating a Couple bubble"

o Our Attachment intentions – "We" not "me" level of commitment

o Exploring your relationship with money, habits + attitudes.

o Gaining clarity on goals, values and future vision for money and lifestyle

o How do we recognise a bid for connection? Being present and remaining present during difficult conversations.

o Handling 3rds in the relationship – who are they and how do we ensure they do not affect the (Couple Bubble)? Are you the King and Queen of your castle.

o Relationship Stability Check List – How to eliminate Criticism, Contempt, defensiveness and stonewalling. 

o “Loving Inquiry” How changing our language can change the way we communicate with our partner?

o Establish a quiet time in your schedules when you will do a check-in and create a quiet, reflective space together.

o How to use your emotions as a barometer to monitor your general wellbeing.

o Building Trust – how does it work

o Talking it over – Using pause, mindfulness and connection to resolve differences.

o Resolving Differences and getting on the same page

o How honest am I about money with my partner? 

You will walk away with

o An ability to immediately practice the key concepts and life-changing methods that Sharron and Lea will guide you through, and experience for yourself the powerful potential of these methods.

o A strategy to resolve difference and get on the same page.

o A feeling of safety, confidence and security moving forward.

o A toolkit and action plan for the future of your relationship with each other and money. 

Your Investment

$249.00 per couple If paid in full by March 31st. 

After March 31st your investment is $299.00 per couple. 

Tickets sell fast and are limited to 10 couples.
A non-refundable booking fee $30 per couple applies for all bookings.

Your payment can be made via pay-pal at 

Lunch, morning tea and afternoon tea included or there are coffee shops in the area if you prefer. Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements 5 days before the event. 


Sharron Brandon – Founder of Love- Connect Counselling and Mentoring

Sharron Brandon is a counsellor with more than 15 years’ experience in couples counselling and individual therapy. Known for her warmth, wicked sense of humour and compassion, Sharron’s ability to identify and help people work through many of the key issues facing couples has had a profound and transformative effect on many of her clients’ lives.

She has helped hundreds of individuals and couples gain insight into their relationship problems, resolve ongoing conflict and emotional gridlock and work towards maintaining and developing a loving life-long relationship based on mutual respect, trust and devotion.

Lea Schodel – Founder of Wealthy + The Mindful Wealth Movement 

Lea Schodel is an award-winning Financial Adviser with more than 15 years ‘experience in personal finance. As an adviser, Certified Wellness Coach, Certified Money Coach and Yoga and Mindfulness teacher, Lea combines these modalities to support individuals and couples to create financial well-being and support them in creating a healthy relationship with money through education and the development of empowering mindset, habits and behaviours with money.