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Online THRIVHERCLASS: Understanding Your Money Relationship With Money

The Details

Much of what we think, how we act and feel about money is subconscious. Meaning that quite often we're not even aware of them - they just happen!

We are going to explore your relationship with money by using archetypes to identify current patterns and behaviours with money that you have developed over your lifetime.

Your money type is not your personality or “who you are”, but are symbolic metaphors that help us to understand our patterns and behaviours.  They create awareness of “where we are” and where we need to grow, so that we can become aware of, and change our subconscious behaviours with money.


This Event is for you:


  • Seem to repeat mistakes when it comes to managing money and making financial decisions

  • Have trouble turning knowledge into action when it comes to implementing money habits and behaviours (i.e. budgeting, saving, not using credit cards)

  • Feel a desire to align your money and your life in a more purposeful and connected way

  • Feel limited by, trapped or controlled by money and want to shift this

  • Don’t feel blessed with the “money gene”

  • Have a desire to take back control of money and start using it as a resource to create a life well lived and to attract more wealth and wellbeng in life.

  • Feel like there is more to life than just earning money!


  • Insight into how your money story was formed

  • An understanding of what drives your money decisions and behaviours

  • A strategy to help take back control over your relationship with money and develop more helpful habits

  • Awareness of your strengths and limitations present in your current relationship with money and life.

  • A guide to help you develop the necessary attributes that will ensure you have a healthy relationship with money

  • An assessment of your money type, and an understanding of the impact it is having on your life and your relationship with money

  • A framework to identify the key patterns and behaviours with money that are supporting you or limiting you in your wealth and wellbeing

  • An awareness around your “blocks” with money and identify what work you might need to do to free the flow of money into your life

During the session Lea is giving away a place in her fantastic online course 'A Journey to Mindful Wealth' and will give another lucky attendee a pack of the Abundance Affirmation Cards.

Lea  will be answering  your questions during the session to ensure you leave  feeling more connected to take positive action in your own financial relationship straight away.


Join us to Thrive ladies, we can't wait to see you there!








$1 of every ticket sale goes towards

charities that support women-YES!

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