WomenSpace Wise Women Circle - The art of Financial Self-Care

  • Womenspace 11 Second Ave Sandgate QLD 4017

Financial self-care is about learning to connect with our money in a more conscious way so that our thoughts and actions with our money begin to add, not subtract from our well-being.

In this workshop we’ll be discussing the art of financial self-care, how to create a regular financial self-care practice as well as explore some simple ways that you can use to create more balance in your life, wealth and well-being.

Wise Women’s Circle is a regular monthly group held on the first Wednesday of the month, in Sandgate.  Womenspace invite a range of exciting facilitators each month to offer a sample of their wisdom to enlighten our souls, nurture our spirits and educate our minds.

For more info or to book - http://www.womenspace.org.au/?page_id=555

Cost $12 for womenspace members, $15 for non-members.

All Womenspace events are designed for women, unless otherwise notified.