Whose Dream are You Chasing?

Have you ever stopped and considered whose dream you are chasing?

I mean really considered whether it's your dream or someone else's?

It might seem like a strange question to ask but unconsciously (or maybe even consciously for some), many of us are chasing someone else's dream. 

If you could picture your dream life, what would it look like? Is it what you are chasing at the moment or does it look completely different? And if it does look different, then why aren't you chasing that dream instead?

It can actually be pretty easy to tell whether you are chasing your own dreams or not - just ask yourself "is this something I truly value or is it something I am doing because I feel I should, or because it's expected?

Often without even knowing it, we are chasing things in order to satisfy a role that we feel  we need to play in life. The daughter, the sibling, the wife, the mother, the boss, the student, the teacher. They are all just roles we assign ourselves or that are assigned to us by other people or society. 

Build your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs.
— Farrah Gray

We've all heard of the term the "American Dream" and all countries have their own version of this "dream". I recently watched a great movie called "I'm Fine, Thanks". It's a film that introduces everyday people who are living lives of complacency and looks at what they did to change their lives and create their own paths to happiness.

The concept of the film, and something that I strongly resonate with, is that it really doesn't matter whether the dream you are chasing is conventional or not. The only thing that really matters is that the dream that you're chasing is yours!

By aligning our lives with what we truly want it allows us to live an intentional life. It brings us purpose, direction, passion and fulfillment. And most of all it brings us a lot of joy.

So what can you do to move in the direction of your own dreams? Well, it doesn't really matter if you don't know exactly how to get there or what "there" even looks like yet. The most important thing is that you just start in the direction of your own dreams. One step at a time is all the progress you need. 

Lea xo
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