The Yoga of Money

Finding flow in yoga is difficult when we’re not in shape. The simplest of poses seem difficult and the smallest of stretches seem painful. If we haven’t set an intention, or cannot remain focused our practice suffers. If we’re too busy watching what everyone else is doing and comparing ourselves to them, we lose sight of where we are at and the progress that we are personally making.

When it comes to money, it's the same story. When we’re not in good financial shape, money can cause stress and even small money decisions can be difficult to make. If we’re not clear of our intention for our money then we may not reach our goals and if we constantly comparing ourselves to other people’s financial success, or working towards their definition of financial freedom, then we soon lose balance and flow.

Yoga is about connection.

Connection to ourselves so we can develop a better understanding of our beliefs, habits and personality traits as they arise. Whatever comes up is not judged but it is recognised for what it is. And by doing so, we can move forward with more direction and purpose.

Money is something that many people have difficulty connecting with, instead finding it stressful and difficult to manage. So it's ignored, or bad habits and limiting beliefs are continued, despite the fact they are stopping them from reaching their goals.Like yoga, money requires practice - daily practice if we're going to be able to progress towards our goals. When we can understand where we are at and recognise our money habits and beliefs we can use this as a starting point to replace them with healthier habits and beliefs and empower ourselves to move towards our goals.

The goal of yoga is freedom

Freedom from the self, the ego and the wanting mind. For many people their goal with money is also freedom. Freedom to live a life of purpose, doing something that they love. Freedom from money stress and freedom to meet their personal and financial goals.

Combining the philosophy of yoga with money is like yin and yang. It creates an equilibrium between the left and right sides of the brain and creates balance. It’s a perfect union that creates flow.

Yoga and money may just have more in common than you think..


Lea xo