There is No Competition

Have you met the new people down the street, the Joneses? They seem nice! 

But really, who are these people... and what makes them so special that we all want to keep up with them?

I'm sure we all know the Joneses, or someone just like them.  Those people  we admire from afar, compare ourselves to, or wish we could be just like. 

Sure, it's human nature to compare ourselves to other people. But by constantly comparing ourselves with others, we can quickly fall in the trap of losing sight of all the great things about ourselves, what we have already achieved and what we already have in our lives. We lose gratitude.

I'm guilty of it. I caught myself staring at the person on the yoga mat in front: you know the one - super flexi, super yogi, not even raising a sweat in side crow pose...

"why can't I look that good when I do that pose?"

"why can't I hold that pose as long as they can?"

"why am I the only one struggling?" 

“what am I doing wrong?!!”

It's in these moments that we need to remind ourselves just to breathe and bring our focus back to our own mat, and our own practice.

Whether on or off the yoga mat, in life and even in our finances:

Lesson From the Mat

We tend to forget that everyone has their own past and is on their own journey, fighting their own battles and although we often know none of these things about someone, we still compare our progress to theirs.

It's like comparing apples and oranges and asking which one is the better banana.... Silly right?

Truth be told, all that really matters is that we keep on moving forward... towards our own goals.

Progress and “growth” will always happen at its own pace.  

Lea xo
Just bloom