The Mindset of the Wealthy

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be really wealthy.... to spend a day in the life of someone living a life of abundance?

What if I told you that you could live a wealthy life tomorrow…. would you believe me?

Here’s the thing…

Wealth is a mindset. Abundance in a mindset too.

Wealth and abundance have less to do with the amount of $$ in the bank and more to do with your attitude and the amount of gratitude you have towards your life, relationships and possessions.

True wealth is when you have an abundance of anything truly meaningful to you in your life.

And whilst money may be an element of wealth I would suggest that it cannot buy many of the things that you would need in your life to make you truly happy, truly satisfied and truly wealthy.

There are many ‘rich’ people in this world who are missing some of the things money can’t buy, and there are also many ‘poor’ people in this world with a life in abundance of meaning, love, connection and gratitude.

So which one is truly wealthier?

Well, I am a realist. We all need money. And kind of like oxygen, we definitely, need “enough” of it to survive.

And what is enough for one of us is going to differ to the “enough” of another.

Yet, when we give more meaning to money than it should have, or we struggle to define what that “enough” actually is for us, then we may find ourselves building a life centred around acquiring more of it and begin to make decisions and choices in our lives in the pursuit of it, hoping its presence in our life will bring us more happiness and satisfaction.

But a wealthy life cannot be built on money alone. A life built in the pursuit of money in isolation will be empty. It will be void of meaning and of joy.

Whilst money cannot substitute a wealthy life. Money is a powerful tool and something that we can learn to use to help us create wealth and abundance in ALL of our lives.

Om shanti,

Lea xo