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Money Mindfulness

I often say, “in order to manage money well, we need to manage ourselves well”. Our thoughts and feelings will either support or sabotage the actions we take with our money – and often we’re not even aware of it as a lot of what we do with our money is sub-consciously driven. 

So how can the practice of mindfulness help you create more attention and awareness to develop a better connection between your thoughts, actions and feelings and become more conscious and aware of how they may be shaping your money reality.

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Making Spending Intentional

Are you spending money the way you want to: on purpose, rather than by accident or habit?

When it comes to our spending often our unconscious habits and behaviours can trip us up. Most of us spend money on needs and wants, emotionally and impulsively even without awareness.

But it’s important that we don’t let our emotions or impulses, instead of our core values, drive our spending.

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