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Adopting a Beginner's Mindset with Money

All our financial habits begin to form in our younger years. How we spend, save, budget and invest is largely attributable to what we saw our parents, friends and those of influence around us do.  Sometimes, the lessons that we learn about money are based on the bad habits of others or on misguided advice. If we incorporate these bad financial habits into our lives, we are bound to struggle financially. It is only when we decide to clear our minds and to take a fresh approach to our finances, can we begin to break the bad habits that we have formed over the years and begin the journey towards financial health and freedom. 

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Playing the Edge Financially

Achieving any worthwhile goal whether financially, physically or spiritually may require a pushing of the limits
You may need to sacrifice and call on your drive and determination. Often you'll need to step out of your comfort zone to a place where it may not be comfortable. In yoga we often call it "playing to your edge" and it's a necessary place to be to maximize your growth and achieve your goals.

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The Value-Driven Power of Ethical Investing

Have you considered the social and environmental consequences of where you invest? If you wouldn’t shop or buy from certain companies or industries, why would you choose to make an investment in those same companies?

What if we could make that investment knowing we were doing good in the process? Knowing that we were putting our money to work for the better, not the worse? Now wouldn’t that be financially rewarding over the longer-term!

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