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Shifting the Energy of Money

We created money as a way to exchange value and whilst it is just a piece of paper or metal – there is actually a lot of energy associated with money.

How we think and feel about money (in other words our energy with money) sits below the surface in what most of us know and refer to as our sub-conscious. And it's this energy and beliefs that create our reality with money.

Put simply, we use our beliefs as a window through which we see, process and interpret everything money related and are what form our “money story”.

If we're going to shift our energy (thoughts and feelings) with money, we first need to uncover any negative thought patterns or limiting beliefs that may be blocking your potential to have more money, more abundance and more wealth.

Which makes our beliefs like a pair of glasses that we can choose to put on or change at any time. I explain more..

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Watch the self talk

Are you where you think you ought to be financially?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably made a few financial mistakes in your past. Perhaps you’re still making them? The thing is, we all make mistakes, it’s part of the learning process and experience is a great teacher... as long as we can learn from our mistakes and own up to them, we can then build from them and move forward.

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Adopting a Beginner's Mindset with Money

All our financial habits begin to form in our younger years. How we spend, save, budget and invest is largely attributable to what we saw our parents, friends and those of influence around us do.  Sometimes, the lessons that we learn about money are based on the bad habits of others or on misguided advice. If we incorporate these bad financial habits into our lives, we are bound to struggle financially. It is only when we decide to clear our minds and to take a fresh approach to our finances, can we begin to break the bad habits that we have formed over the years and begin the journey towards financial health and freedom. 

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The Value-Driven Power of Ethical Investing

Have you considered the social and environmental consequences of where you invest? If you wouldn’t shop or buy from certain companies or industries, why would you choose to make an investment in those same companies?

What if we could make that investment knowing we were doing good in the process? Knowing that we were putting our money to work for the better, not the worse? Now wouldn’t that be financially rewarding over the longer-term!

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How to break free from limiting money beliefs

Our beliefs actually come from the way we interpret our experiences. As our beliefs are reinforced over time, they move into our unconscious mind. These beliefs that lurk in our unconscious mind can interfere and challenge us and unless we articulate them consciously, they cannot be confronted or changed.

As we become increasingly aware of our money beliefs, we begin to notice how our beliefs influence our behaviour.And once we are aware of what is holding us back, we can change our reality.

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