Shifting the Energy of Money

Money was created as a way to exchange value and whilst it is just a piece of paper or metal – there is actually alot of energy associated with it.

How we think and feel about money (in other words our energy with money) sits below the surface in what most of us know and refer to as our sub-conscious and this sub-conscious relationship with money is formed at a very young age. There are a great deal of external influences responsible for shaping it over our lifetime, whether it’s our upbringing, the media or opinions of complete strangers.

We grow up with beliefs inherited and create new beliefs based on our own personal experiences. Our ‘beliefs’ are just the ideas, thoughts or opinions that we’ve decided to adopt as our “truths” about money.

Some people grow up with the belief that money, or lack of it, is something to be feared (limiting belief). Others may group up with the confidence that money comes freely and with ease (empowering belief). Some people believe that they're not deserving of money, that money is a limited resource or that there’s not enough for everyone. Other common money beliefs include that you have to work hard to have money or that money is the root of all evil.

The interesting thing about these empowering and limiting beliefs is that often we don’t even realise that we have them.

Put simply, we use our beliefs as a window through which we see, process and interpret everything money related and they are what form our “money story”.

If we're going to shift our energy (thoughts and feelings) with money, we first need to uncover any negative thought patterns or limiting beliefs that may be blocking your potential to have more money, more abundance and more wealth.

Which makes our beliefs like a pair of glasses that we can choose to put on or change at any time.

By choosing to develop this awareness and consciousness around how we think and feel about money it helps to shift the energy with it and allows us to then create a more authentic and purposeful relationship with it.

From my experience, and certainly what I believe after working with many clients, is that in order to create wealth wellness, we need to be able to match:

What we think about our money (our thoughts and beliefs)


How we feel about money (our emotions)


What we do with our money (our actions)

This is a completely different approach to the traditional way that many of us think about and manage our money.  For many of us we just think purely about the ACTIONS we take with our money and while these actions are important, without awareness and alignment with our thoughts, beliefs and emotions then the ACTIONS may not have the impact we hope for.

It’s like deciding to start a budget (ACTION), but then struggling to stick to it because we think it’s too restrictive (THOUGHTS) and we are fearful that we’re missing out (EMOTIONS). In other words, our scarcity mindset starts to creep in.

One of my favourite sayings is “in order to manage our money well, we first need to manage ourselves well” in other words we need to align how we think and feel about money with our actions with money as otherwise our beliefs and emotions are likely to undermine any action that we do take with our money.


Lea x

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