Watch the self talk

Are you where you think you ought to be financially?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably made a few financial mistakes in your past. Perhaps you’re still making them? The thing is, we all make mistakes, it’s part of the learning process and experience is a great teacher... as long as we can learn from our mistakes and own up to them, we can then build from them and move forward.

Perhaps we’re constantly blowing our budget, missing payments or maxing out our credit card at the shops. Maybe we delay starting a savings plan, ignore our superannuation or think we don't need insurance.

The good news – it’s actually okay to make mistakes, we’re all human.

But watch that self-talk. The inner critic that berates us for our actions and judges us. It's that voice that tells us “You can’t even stick to a budget, what’s the point”, “You’ll never get ahead”, “Forget the future, you can’t even get the present sorted” “Everyone else is getting ahead, what’s wrong with you?”…

It’s that voice, not us, that can ruin our financial future.

If we listen to that voice often and long enough the message it tells us soon becomes ingrained in our sub-conscious mind. These messages become our limiting beliefs and are the glass ceiling that’s holding us back from taking control of our finances and creating a wealthy life.

To take yoga off the mat, we can use the principle of Ahimsa to take a positive approach and accept what is without judgement of criticism. Ahimsa actually means non-harming, or non-violence. It’s the practice of showing kindness and compassion to ourselves and to others.  Ahimsa when applied to our finances encourages us to forgive ourselves for falling short, or making bad decisions.

Ahimsa teaches us to:

  • Speak our truth and own our faults or mistakes
  • Be grateful for where we’re at and open to the lessons we’ve learnt
  • Be conscious of how we talk to ourselves. Learn not to beat ourselves up for past or continuing mistakes.

When we can accept our shortcomings, we can build on them. We realise that there is always hope for a better tomorrow. Instead of viewing our actions as a failure and giving up, we can view them as a lesson in “what not to do” going forward.

Experience really is a great teacher.

Digging ourselves out of debt or learning to save even when we’ve not managed to save anything in the past may seem like a huge or impossible task. But by applying an Ahimsa mindset, we can gain the courage and strength to take steps in the right direction, one small step at a time.

Lea xo