Applying the Yogic Principle of Ahimsa to Your Finances

Are you where you think you ought to be financially? When you were dreaming about how your life would be at this stage in your life, did it look anything like the reality that you are now facing?

The truth is that there will be disappointments and there will be setbacks in life. We may not achieve everything we set out to accomplish in the timeframe that we set. And that’s ok. The important thing is that we don’t punish ourselves for any financial mistakes that we may have made in the past.

The yoga practice of ahimsa is where you take a positive approach to life, accept things as they are and get rid of any negative reactions, judgements and criticisms. Ahimsa actually means non-harming or non-violence in Sanskrit. This particular type of yoga is built on the premise that yoga should be safe, accessible, inclusive and rewarding for all participants regardless of their physical condition or level of fitness. Ahimsa, when applied to your finances, means that you can easily forgive yourself for falling short in whatever aspect of financial management where you failed to make the grade. It’s accepting your own shortcomings but realizing that there is still hope for a better tomorrow. Instead of viewing it as a failure, view it as a lesson learnt about ‘what not to do’ going forward. Remember, in life, experience is the greatest teacher.

“Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, and the lesson afterward”
— Vernon Law

If we never failed at anything, we wouldn't have the benefit of learning from the greatest teacher there is – experience. It is all well and good to learn from the mistakes of others but learning from our own mistakes is the very best way to learn. Think about those mistakes that you have made financially.. maybe you extended yourself too much by maxing out your credit card and getting into so much debt that you don’t know how you are ever going to be able to pay it off. Rather than beat up yourself over the situation, try applying the principle of Ahimsa instead.

The whole purpose of Ahimsa is to empower yourself to move forward towards success. It will help you to overcome challenges one step at a time, one breath at a time.

Digging yourself out of debt may seem like an insurmountable task. Learning to save even when you haven’t managed to save anything in the past may seem like an impossible situation. Likewise, learning to cut back your spending may not seem likely if you’ve been a spendthrift all your life. But with the Ahimsa mind-set and approach, you can gain the courage and the strength to take steps in the right direction, one step at a time.

Right now, wherever you are in your financial journey, you can make a change. You can still achieve your goals. You are never too old or too much of a failure to change your situation and take control.

Past mistakes do not mean that you can’t achieve your ultimate financial goals. With Ahimsa, you can do it!

Lea xo