The Path to Wealth Wellness

So often we separate our lives into compartments. Our physical well-being, mental, spiritual, relationships, or careers, our money. But our life is like a giant wheel. At the centre of our life wheel is our life energy that floods out into all spokes of our lives and each of these spokes is interconnected.

Without connection and free flowing energy to all of these areas in our life we cannot have total wellness.

So what is wealth wellness and how do we achieve it?

Like any other area in our lives, wealth wellness is an interactive process of becoming aware of and practicing healthy choices. It’s about balance.

In that definition, there are two key elements… the process of becoming aware, and practicing healthy choices.  

Often we talk about wealth in pure left brain terms. We put money, numbers, figures around it and by doing so we instantly create a disconnection to it. Instead of looking within to define what wealth means to us individually, we look outside of us for it. We compare ourselves, we judge ourselves. We try to measure up to others’ expectations and goals and assume them as our own.

This takes us further from wealth wellness and further from a healthy relationship to money.

As children, we’re not often taught much at school about money or managing money. And as adults we are faced with money decisions and given the tools to implement these decisions. But we’re missing something very important. We’re missing the self-awareness and the mindset that we need to have a healthy relationship with money.

When we talk about money or finances, we do not often associate it with our health and well-being. But money has a dramatic impact on our ability to lead happy, fulfilled lives. Money cannot buy well-being, but we need enough of it to provide for our needs.

When we have control over our money, we have wellness.

When our money controls us, we lose our freedom, we lose our independence and we create stress.

Stress impacts our health, our relationships, our well-being and our happiness.

And stress is a direct result of how out of control we feel.

I believe that the easiest way to gain control of wealth is through awareness. Or self-knowledge.

Awareness of our habits, thoughts, feelings and emotions around money and wealth.

It’s through our ability to understand what we do and why we do it that we can create a healthy practice and we can replace limiting beliefs, habits and actions with positive ones and can begin the journey towards creating wealth wellness and ultimately our own definitions of financial freedom.

Lea xo