Money As Energy

Money plays a very powerful role in our lives. 

For most of us our day to day decisions and actions are centred around money.

We're either working to earn it, or we are spending it, investing it, giving it away, worrying about it, obsessing over it, ignoring it or trying to get more of it.

We spend alot of our time and energy on money and we could be directing this elsewhere in our lives!

Our focus on money is not limited to just our conscious selves as sub-consciously we may hold many beliefs, thoughts and fears around money that we may not even be aware that we have.

So what is money?

Google the definition of money and you'll get something along the lines of "Money is a current medium of exchange which comes in the form of coins and banknote and we use this to value the things and buy the stuff we need and want".

But let’s go a bit deeper than this definition for a moment and see if we can put more of a meaning to what money actually is.

If we use money to value our time, talents, wisdom, knowledge, services and skills - then it's also a form of energy exchange.

Like all forms of energy, money needs flow.

Like all forms of energy, money needs flow. A lack of flow – if there is too much coming in or out will create an imbalance, dis-ease or stress.

So money also needs balance. We need to balance our needs and our wants, our spending and our saving, the present and the future in order to gain stability and control. 

Money is neither good nor bad. It's merely a tool that we can learn to use well or misuse. The choice is ours. 

It's important to learn how to manage money so that we have control over it, rather than it having control over us. We can do this by taking the time to understand it and getting to know our own relationship with it. We can review the money choices we’ve made to date and start to recognise and see patterns in our attitude, habits and behaviour when it comes to money.

This work begins to unlock the beliefs and emotions that we hold consciously and sub-consciously that are to do with money. 

When we begin unravel all things money, we begin to explore what it really means to us personally and we can then work towards freeing up all that time, attention and energy that we associate with it. And doing so we can work towards creating a conscious and purposeful relationship money.

Find Your Flow

Lea xo