Break on Through to the Other side

I attended a workshop on the weekend run by one of my favourite authors - Dan Millman. The workshop, titled “Body Mind Mastery” promised to provide a new sense of confidence in our ability to learn and reach our goals in everyday life.

The workshop started well. Dan provided lots of new information, insight and tools for us to implement and I was feeling pretty relaxed as we took a break for lunch.

However, after the lunch break - things changed. Much to my horror Dan directed us to each pick out a piece of 1 inch thick ply (timber board) from a large stack in the corner of the room. He then announced that we were going to break these boards using our hands.

I almost died!

How on earth was I going to do that? I have no martial arts training!

I looked around the room at almost 100 disbelieving faces. I could see and feel the doubt arise. I’m sure they were all thinking the same as me…

“I can’t possibly do this!”

Dan got our attention with a quick demonstration on how to break the board. His 2 minute demo made it look simple. “Don’t worry it doesn’t hurt much” was his final words of encouragement.

I started to panic.

“I can’t possibly do this” repeated over and over in my mind.

We formed 4 queues and the board breaking began. We each got just one attempt to break the board. If we failed, we went to the back of line.

“You don’t have to do this” Dan announced. I considered my options. Perhaps this was my exit clause? The line began to shorten and people were breaking and failing in their attempts in front of me. The energy in the room was full of nerves, apprehension and excitement.

I felt tense as my turn fast approached. I wanted to escape, to back out and I looked around the room for a way out. I felt the need to just step out of the queue and say “this isn’t for me…there is no way I can do this” but I also felt an unspoken expectation to go through with it. I wasn't sure if it was my expectation or everyone else’s so I stood my place in the queue.

Finally, my turn arrived and as I carefully placed my board on the blocks. My hands began to shake. I was very nervous.

My “coach” gave me a 20 second run down on how to and uttered “you can do this” in encouragement. I was not so sure.

I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself. “What if I can do this…. others are doing it” I felt a small sense of encouragement and as I raised my hand up a thought entered my mind: “I will do this, think through the board”

Did that really just happen? The sense of excitement was unreal! I had just broken a board in half, using my bare hand. Me – with no martial arts training!

As exciting and liberating as that was, it actually got me thinking…What other beliefs, thoughts and opinions am I holding onto that are limiting me? And what else can I achieve that I currently think is impossible?

We all have beliefs that can either be protective or liberating.

We all have beliefs that can either be protective or liberating. Our beliefs come from the way we interpret our experiences and may have been influenced by our parents, school, and the media and it is these beliefs that influence our behaviour.

But by taking the time to discover what our beliefs are and becoming aware of so-called truths, we can liberate ourselves, change perspective, achieve new goals and become open to new possibilities. All it takes is a little courage and some self-belief.

You can read more about beliefs, and how they relate to money in my knowledge centre.

Lea xo