inside my mind

I was recently told by someone that they thought I was an ambivert. 

I hadn’t ever heard what that was, but I took the test and they were right. I am both introverted and extroverted (that's what an ambivert is) and I am also both technical and creative (i.e. left and right brain focused). 

Quite simply, there's a yin and yang going on in my mind.


ANd my heart

I am both serious and fun, powerful and vulnerable, inventive and safe, a lover and a fighter, a leader and a follower, a doer and a thinker, a home-body and an explorer, a student and a teacher. And I love that I am all of those things.

By accepting that I can balance all these seemingly conflicting aspects of my personality, I've been able to find my own path and find flow in life, my career and in my relationships.



Yes, a financial planner. Sounds boring, right?

That's because most people talk about money in left brain terms. Facts and numbers...ugh! And so many of us tie our self-worth (right brain) to our job, our address, our car or our bank balance (left brain).

The reality is, we need to think and talk about money and life in both left and right brain ways.


Where our focus should be


Sure we can still talk about numbers and technical stuff, but first we need to know where we are, what we truly want, and what we value because it’s from this place that we can make meaningful goals that are actually achievable for us and worthwhile working towards.

Wealth is more than money!

Money is something we use to value goods and services in the world. We all need money, but there is much more to being wealthy than just having a big bank balance.

Real wealth is when we have an abundance of anything we truly value in life.

Real wealth may include money, but it could also include health, family, friends, sunny days, holidays, nights out, or our career. It could be a combination of those things, just one, or all of them.

Importantly, wealth is what we personally define it to be.

When we understand what we truly value in life and what we need more of in order to feel wealthy, then we can focus on working towards obtaining those things and becoming wealthy.

When we know what it is that we are actually chasing, it becomes so much easier to achieve. And the best thing is, we're also less likely to get there and find that it wasn’t what we actually wanted after all!


And I'm a Yogi

Truth be told, yoga has changed my life. 

It is so much more than a physical workout. It's helped me discover who I am, what my purpose is and what fulfils me most in life.

It's helped me find my flow. 


Lea Schodel - Peaceful

Yoga money love

Since practicing and teaching yoga, I've come to realise there are many lessons we learn on the yoga mat that can be applied to the way we manage money and approach life.

I want to share my experiences in both yoga and financial planning to inspire, help and guide others to find flow. 

I believe the journey starts by understanding ourselves: our money personality and money habits, as well as our goals and intention with money. From there we can develop a path to true wealth. Something that is achievable, meaningful and in tune with our core values.

From Financial Planner to CoacH

Lea xo